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Saturday, October 31, 2009

IRS (warning, contains adult language)

Well, as many of you do, I pay taxes. I have a family, and a wife, and I need to pay them because if I go to jail, they are not going to be able to afford necessities. It is one of my biggest goals in life to be able to say no to that organization, but now is not the time. I figure that while I pay taxes, I might as well try to recover as much of that money as I can. I dont care where all the money goes to, I just want it back. Thats 30% percent of my income, at least, out of my pocket, going to God knows what. Its pretty easy to pay the IRS, but when it comes to collecting that is another story. This lovely story starts this past summer. My wife and I decided that we were financially sound enough to purchase a house of our own. We bought the house, and then sent in to the IRS to try to get $8000 dollars of our hard earned money back. Our friends at Jackson Hewitt informed us that it would be about 8-12 weeks and we would have our money in hand. 8 weeks passed, no money. Ok. 12 weeks passed, no money. Hmmm. 14 weeks pass. My wife places a call to the IRS (she would not allow me to do it for obvious reasons). They inform us that it is pending, and that it would be another 40-60 days until we see our money. Damn. Well today, we received a letter. Apparently, we need to copy one of our documents again and send it in. Now this document was included in the CERTIFIED MAIL that contained everything else that we sent in. One of the fucking thugs there lost it. Now we have 30 days to send in this document again, or not receive my tax rebate. Fuck them! If Wal-mart, McDonald's, or any other buisness that I deal with during a typical week treated me like our public servants treat me, I would not do buisness with them. If I decide not to do buisness with the IRS, I am locked up in a cage. At least I would have better health care than I do now according to Harry Hughes. Now, people will tell me to change taxes using the system, but no matter who gets elected, it seems, I will get taxed. I dont know what to do, but thats my story Joshua Freedom


Duane Vick said...

If you're paying taxes, you're doing it all wrong. Plenty of loopholes, even for the common man. Here's the first step: Get a business license and start up a failing business.

Joshua Freedom said...

Like this site? :)

Duane said...

Well, possibly. You have to have expenses to write off. If you write off more expenses than you have money coming in, you're losing money. Start a business that requires a personal vehicle be converted to work use. Drive the hell out of it. Mileage write-off is around $0.58/mile. Just make sure you keep a good mileage log. There are plenty of ways to spend a lot less than $0.58/mi to rack up the odometer on an old POS.

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