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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Night Headlines

Well, its Tuesday again, or day three of the week for your Quakers, and it is time for some of my favorite headlines. Click the link, read the story, and come back here for my opinion to share yours. Hope to have some more discussions like last time, that was fun. Anyway, here we gooooooooo Obama's Daughters Receive H1N1 Vaccine You better prepare yourself, cause here comes the onslaught of twitter posts, facebook updates, and talk show claims that this is fake. Well, I think its true. I believe that Obama (who's name still show up as a typo) must vaccinate his daughters with the harmless vaccine in order to make his National Emergency declaration seem more legitamit. I believe the entire H1N1 flu pandemic, which is less of a pandemic than the normal flu here in the U.S., is an attempt by Obama to not only explore the territory of power constitutionally given in a time of "National Emergency", but to also test the American people. See how pissed they get, and I am sorry folks, but speeches and signs may not be enough. With these protests, actual action is needed. Nixon said that he doesnt care how much anyone protests, as long as they pay their taxes. Looks like our buddy Nixon gave us a hint at how to enact true change in government. Hikers Held in Iran as Spies Okay, first and foremost, dont go to vacation in Iraq. And once your in Iraq, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT cross the border into Iran. In other words, use some uncommon sense. My heart and prayers do go out to the young people who are being held in Iran, and their families. I must say, I have plenty of respect for the families of those being held. They are taking the burdon upon themselves and trying to free their loved ones instead of relying soley on the Goverment and military for help. I would hate to see what horrible foriegn policy descisions would he jumped into if these were actual spies or soilders being held. Can anyone say shock and awe (aka kill a bunch of people around those you want to kill) Cop at Haunted House Points Loaded Gun at Actor Okay, so upon reading this story, I have one question. Why did the cop just not pull the whole "Oh, its a fake Halloween gun" line when he pulled a gun on an employee at a haunted house. The employee made the mistake of trying to scare the intoxicated, drunk, off duty cop who was at the haunted house with his 9 year old daughter (who is also presumably the designated driver). Maybe he was too intoxicated to think of that excuse and laugh it off. Or maybe it was because he is a cop. Whats the difference between a cop and a cop that has had too much alchohol? I dont know but its not the feeling of invincibility. And power. And, well, you get the point. The cop claims to have pointed the gun at the ground, and of course the thin blue line believed that a police officer, who believed he was being assulted by a chain saw, would point the gun at the ground. Yea. One more thing, if this cop had smoked weed instead of drank before taking his daughter to the haunted house, would he have pulled a gun on the dude with a chainsaw, or laughed. And whats illegal again? Anyway, theres another post in the books. Hope you enjoy. I thank you for the discussion last week. Helped me a lot. Have a good night, and thank you for reading! Please tell your friends! Here is the list of songs iTunes randomly played out of my library while I posted and researched this evening. Dramamine - Modest Mouse Jealousy - Brokencyde Survivalism - Nine Inch Nails City Country City - War Rock Out - Motorhead Danger in the Manger - iwrestledabearonce My Drinking Problem - Hank Williams III Columbine Alma Mater - The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza Big Wiggly Style - The Devil Wears Prada Requiem - Lamb of God Long Lonesome Road - CW McCall Paint it Black(cover) - The Agony Scene


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