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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Law Enforcement Thanks Drug Dealers kind of

I turned on the television the other morning and fell sick to the stomach. I was picking up a signal from a news company from the capital of PA Harrisburg. It was about a Drug Task Force Auction. Yea. People were oh so happy to get these great deals on cars, trucks, boats, jewelry, anything the drug task force had seized from the big, bad drug dealers! Here is the thing, prohibition was a bad idea for alcohol, and its a bad idea for OTHER drugs as well. When something is made illegal, there is a black market created because the demand for that product does not go away. When there is a black market, quality always goes down and price always goes up. For example, meth is a big killer. Meth is not only a dangerous drug, but the creation can be a dangerous process. Many times the reason that cops find meth labs is after an explosion. One way that law enforcement tried to stop meth making is by making it illegal in many states to buy too much of different cold medicines which are often used in meth making. When this happened, meth making and use went down. HA, the opposite happened. Meth makers just figured out different ingredients and different ways to make meth. Now, instead of needing a lab, all meth makers need is a two liter empty soda bottle. Meanwhile, legally made methamphetamines are being created all the times ADD/ADHD drugs. Safely. In a monitored lab. If it wasnt for meth being illegal, the creation and distribution would be much more safe. The drug is still dangerous as hell, but who am I to tell someone they cant put something in their body. Besides, if I tell someone they cant do it, they just wont do it in front of me, they will just do it somewhere else. The drug war is a sham. It may have been good intentions, but good intentions do nothing. And now today the local police departments are cashing in on the higher prices of drugs by raiding dealers and stealing the real spoils of the drug war. A 1996 Land Rover was sold for just $1650 and a boat sold for the same price. DA Rebert was on the scene for the sale. Here is a quick excerpt from the story which can be found in full here "Rebert says now the criminal's money is back into the hands where it belongs, keeping our community safe. "The justice is in the fact that all of this money is coming from the drug dealers." Walter Herman bought a pick up truck for $400. He said, "I can't blame them, and they can put the money back to good use someplace else."" Yup, thats good, way to go law enforcement. Good job. Glad you can do this. YOUR DAY IS COMING!!! Apparently the auction brought in $104,000, to be added with the amount of "drug money" confiscated throughout the year as well. Just wanted to give a last quote from the DA, just to show the mentality of these "fine upstanding men" "The more they deal, the better off we are," said Rebert. I would love to know what you all think of this. I am pretty pissed. Have a good day!


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