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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was sitting in a waiting room the other day when I noticed a little girl, probably 5 or 6, yelling across the room to her dad that he was so small! Why did she say this? She was holding her hand up to her one eye like this... and saying to her dad that he was so small that he fit into the circle made with her thumb and forefinger. And he did, because of her perspective. Was she right? Or was she wrong? Her evidence was full proof. She could see the entire body of her father right there, so small it fit in that circle. Now, we know that she is wrong. But how to we prove it? We need to show her that her perspective was wrong. Perspective is such and interesting thing. It always amazes me that two people can look at one situation and see something completely different due to the perspective that person brings. Usually perspective is great! I often have looked at a situation, talked it over with someone, and then saw there point of view on it. What causes differing perspectives of the same circumstance. Well, in some instances, we may not have checked all the facts. Others times perspectives differ due to environmental differences. Some of these differences come about because of upbringing, religion, lifestyle, wealth, nationality, or many other things. Unlike the example with the little girl, sometimes there is no right and wrong when it comes to perspective. The only time that I believe a perspective is wrong is when that perspective is being passed as law! When people are thrown in jail because somebody has a different perspective on lifestyle choices, what chemicals to put into their body, religious choices, nationalities, and more, that is a wrong perspective. People can have the beliefs, just dont make those into law. Be free and allow others around you to be free. As long as the liberty and freedom others is respected, there should be no reason to not allow others to live the way they choose. THAT is a free society, not what we have today. What we have today is not freedom, it is people voting morality, personal perspectives, and opinions and backing it up with men with guns and cold jail cells. Not cool. Joshua Freedom


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