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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Simple but Affective (or is it Effective?)

Words can do so many things. They can warn others of an impending danger, cause arguments over meanings, and can be used by smooth talking people to sell crap. Others can be used to stir up deep emotion. One such word is the term terrorism (or turerism is your name begins with a "G" and ends with "eorge Bush". The definition of terrorism, according to dictionary.com is as follows:
  • the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
  • the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
  • a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Know that terrorism has been defined, here is a great small, but affective idea for all of you who would like to use it. Pick up a note card, piece of paper, anything you can write on, and write on one side the definition of terrorism, and write on the other side, " I DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!" Go ahead and do it now, you will see why later. The census will be happening very shortly. Some day a friendly person will knock on your door and ask you some "simple and non-invasive" questions that the men and women who claim to govern the land mass known as America would like to know about you and your household. I encourage you to then ask the census worker what happens if you dont comply. At this point you will most likely be threatened with fines, time in jail, and maybe worse. It is at the time you pick up the note card or paper you had written on, hand it to the census worker, and say "this is for you and make sure you pass it on to your boss". This is just a simple act of non-cooperation that one can do. Enough people do this, and it will frustrate some bureaucrats. This is a great first step into peaceful disobedience and activism. If you have never done any activism, do this, video tape it, and put it on youtube or something. Its good practice. By the way, I believe the largest fine that one can recieve for not filling out the census is $100. Many of you can pay that fine, but it would be more interesting if you kept up the civil disobedience by not paying, but that of course has much bigger consequences, and rewards! Anyway, I hope this makes sense. Hit me up on facebook if you havent yet, and if you like what you see, tell your friends. By the way, I am starting something new this week. I am posting the random songs that itunes played in my library while I posted this; not to show you how sweet my musical taste is, but if your like me you love hearing new music. Check it out! From the Mouth of Gath Comes Terror - The Showdown If You Want Peace Prepare for War - Children of Bodom Mad World - Giles Jules (if you have never seen the movie Donnie Darko, check it out!) Jack the Ripper - Motorhead I Came as a Rat - Modest Mouse Life of Sin - Assjack Cellar Door - Blessed by a Broken Heart Dance or Die - Family Force 5 Have a good night! Weekend starts in 16 hours here in my neck of the woods. Hope everyone has a good one like I am planning on! Joshua Freedom


Duane Vick said...

I would have to disagree on refusing the census. You see, the census is the means by which this country determines the amount of representation each state, city, etc. gets in our government. The census is something our forefathers created when outlining the rules of this nation. We should honor their judgment by participating. While I would condemn the act of punishing with fines, etc., someone who refused to participate, I would say they ought to still feel shame for not doing so.

Now I'm not saying we should do the census as an act of submission, but as an exercise of one of those rights given to us by our forefathers. The right to say "I am here and I deserve to be counted so that I may have my due representation in our government".

Joshua Freedom said...

I do not believe that I am represented by anybody aside from myself. Aside from that the founding fathers did not give rights, they restricted the future government.

Even with this, I never signed anything. I am a sovereign individual and I live as such. I never signed a paper stating that I would pay taxes, obey laws, and even fill out a census. I live free and respect the liberty and sovereignty of other individuals.

Maybe Im insane, but I believe that this is true freedom and most of what Americans are living in under the constitution is slavery.

Duane said...

Then I am done here. I have no business with Anarchists. I desire the same America our founding fathers intended and anarchy is not part of their vision. They created this government by giving their consent to be governed. Now as our government devolves to a deep state of tyranny, by all means push back. However, to totally deny a healthy government should it ever exist again is nothing short of anarchy. Go ask Ron Paul.

Joshua Freedom said...

Okay, while I dont consider myself an Anarchist, I will not run and hide from that as so many will. I really do not know what to consider myself. I am new to this movement, so I am new to ideas. I have read a lot of what Ron Paul has written and he is right on. But I see what this government has become and how so many people are okay with that.

I believe in freedom for all people. I do not believe in taxes period. All taxes do is create and organization that instead of earning support mandates support. And if the checks were there, as in people getting voted out, I would be okay with this form of government. It seems as though this has failed, though, and I dont know where to go from here. To revert back to what was seems in possible and you are right, a jump to anarchy may be too far.

I dont know what that makes me, but I dont really care. Hope to see you around man.

By the way, I am a fan of Ron Paul. He is the reason I found the liberty movement! I owe a lot to him, and to the fellows at Free Talk Live.

Duane Vick said...

A healthy government is one that exists to serve the people, not the other way around. What we have currently doesn't fit that bill. Perhaps that is why you reject government so much. A good government provides valuable services such as infrastructure, highways, bridges, national defense, courts for justice, etc. This has been perverted to a point where providing services equates to opening a treasure chest for those who do little in life to advance themselves or our society.

I don't believe taxation is the problem so much as how the money is spent. The government is in serious debt so paying taxes at this time is like giving money to a family member who, no matter what, can't seem to avoid being on the edge of bankruptcy.

Think about life as an anarchist for a moment. You realize that you need certain things in life that you can't provide on your own. So, you find others with your same mutual needs and desires. Perhaps you need to defend your property from a large gang of thugs. You find other property owners in your area that need the same protection. So you form a defense force. Now you can't pay this defense force by yourself so you agree that everyone should pay for a portion of the defense costs. You have to find an equitable means of paying for this defense force which costs $1,000 a year. You make $100k a year, another property owner makes $200k a year, and a third makes only $10k a year. So, my question to you is: What do you believe is the fairest way to divide up the cost of defense?

BigDaddy69_77 said...

Hmm, I don't know that I agree with your analogy. Why don't all the property owners band together, take personal responsibility and share the burden for defense equally? Any thugs show up, sound the alarm, your neighbors come running, guns in hand and you all share the responsibility and the benefits of guaranteed safety for one another.
As for the difference between Libertarian, American or Anarchist, while not an expert on any, my personal beliefs are that the original Constitutional framers were true Revolutionaries. So to me the real question is what's the real difference between Libertarian, Revolutionary or Anarchist?
I think all believe in strong personal liberty and responsibility. The Libertarian may espouse those beliefs more with an eye toward neighborly co-existence. The Anarchist might thrive more on chaos and disorder. The Revolutionary may apply it to the overthrow of existing government and systems.
But I also think that many Americans might view Libertarianism as Anarchical. Anarchists might view Libertarians as too organized and dogmatic. Revolutionaries might view the principles of Libertarianism good, but believe that Anarchic means are required to shrug off the yoke of oppression before Liberty can be restored.
So as for feeling the need to define the group so they can fit neatly in a box I don't see the point. I think we all agree that the current system is broken beyond repair. This necessitates wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. How that is best accomplished should be the focus of any discussion.

Joshua Freedom said...

I believe that it is fairer for multiple property owners to come to an agreement on their own, or possibly with an unbiased arbitrator (or arbitration board) than for the one land owner to be put into power over all the other land owners and demanding a certain amount (which is non-negotiable) and provides service which at times is good, but far too often it is sub-par.

This could get me in trouble with some people, but my wife is a HUGE fan of The Little House on the Prairie series. At that point, the townspeople paid very little in taxes, and were dependent on other townspeople and themselves for goods and services. This provided jobs, charity, and security.

I do realize the country is far passed this, but that is the type of government I like to see.

As for BigDaddy, I agree completely. I think that is why I am so confused as to what I would classify myself as: it doesnt exist, and if that title did exist, it wouldnt matter.

Duane Vick said...

I don't feel you attempted to answer my question. Let's go with your suggestion that the land owners work out an agreement amongst themselves. So do your part and make a proposal. It can't be as simple as lets all just show up with our guns. What do you do for situations such as the poorest landowner not being able to afford a gun but if lent one would do his part to defend? What do you do if you know a much larger gang is coming and you need to hire some additional help? There has to be a budget to spend on weapons, soldiers, etc. So make a proposal.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

I will participate in the census. Our Founding Fathers came up with this back in the beginning. They were wise in doing so. I'm hoping the Mexicans and illegal aliens go out of their way to hide from the census takers.

I do believe assessing a fine for evading the census is wrong. Maybe I should evade it, take the jail time and get free penal system healthcare which is better than no healthcare at all.

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