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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop Stealing

Well, I just got that piece of mail today. That lovely piece that states the school district in which you live is going to building a BIGGER and BETTER high school! YAY! The little sponge brains can go be brainwashed in a beautiful new building bought and paid for through THEFT!!! It drives me absolutely crazy how this system works. Whether it be a school board passing something insane like raising your property tax $100 a year for the next 3 years and then leaving that amount at that price for TWENTY FREAKING YEARS!!! Or some other elected beaurocrat deciding that whatever program he or she wants to pass is more valuable that how YOU choose to use YOUR money! What follows is my letter to the letter here in my district pleading with voters to vote NO on the new school during this years mid-term elections. While I do not vote for people in this failed political system, I do vote on issues. This is and issue I will vote no on. Actually I vote no on almost any issue. Anyways, heres my letter… Dear Editor,
I would like to beg the voters in ******* School District to vote no to build a new high school. I have heard the arguments and it does seem that it may be time to rebuild. I encourage the school district to rebuild, and anyone who believes that this is the right descision put your own money on the table. Please STOP STEALING MY MONEY TO EDUCATE CHILDREN! I am not in favor of rebuilding so why should I have to pay. Is theft legal because of a simple majority? I believe that in the late 1770s there was a majority of British citizens who support the taxation of the minority colonists. Does a majority make theft excusable? Again, I ask you, the voting public who still have a thread of faith in this political system, even if you support a new school being built, vote no, and offer your money. My money is not yours to steal. Whats mine is mine and it will go where I choose.
Joshua Freedom
Feel free to use this letter as a template to write into your local paper. People we need to stand up! We need to be heard! No more theft! Let them know that what yours is yours and they cant steal your labor and your property. That’s it, its not too hard to understand. By the way, I hope that this post makes sense, I’ve have a bit too many Buds and White Russians so yea, I may be making some edits in the morning. Have a great night and thank you for the continued support or silent opposition, not sure which it is. Be sure to comment! This is your site! Say what you want. Please?


Harry L. Hughes III said...

They have already built those schools here. Earlier this week, I sent the check to my county treasurer for my property taxes. Despite lower property values, my taxes were much higher.

The school district still wants more money and on election day I will be voting "NO!" on the bond override measure that somehow managed to get on the ballot.

Somewhere along the line, people got the crazy notion that the quality of education is somehow directly proportional to the amount of tax dollars spent on education.

The ancient Greeks managed to learn more that modern students. They had little more than a place to sit. There was no electricity, computers or even paper.

I believe motivation is the key to education. Today's kids are becoming fat and lazy just like their parents. They don't need more money, just a good swift kick in the ass.

Despite this spending spree, children are still not learning. Quit hitting up the taxpayer and start leaning on the parents of these children that can't make the grade.

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