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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Night Headlines!

It seems to me that I need some more predictability on this site. So from here on out (unless I am unable to) Tuesday will be news night! I will try to have this updated by 7 pm every Tuesday night! The way it works is I will post a link to a story that I find interesting; mostly liberty related stuff, and on this page, you will see my take on this site. Hope you enjoy. As always, your suggestions are welcomed! I am new at this and can use all the help you all can give. If you like what you see, tell your friends. It’s easy with twitter and Facebook and the such these days! Well without further ado...
Tuesday Night Headlines By Joshua Freedom
International Australia Toddler Television Ban? . While I believe that television shows designed for children are despicable in the way that they market products to children from the time they are a baby, how is it a good thing for the government to get involved with the amount of television time children get? Is Australia going to fine people for allowing their toddler to watch television? How is it a good thing to take money from parents with toddlers? Isn’t that literally stealing candy from a baby; not that some health nuts wouldn’t support that, but seriously, have they (the government) lost their minds? What if the fine cannot be paid? Does that constitute jail time, leading to children being taken into foster homes? . These government officials need to lay of the Fosters and think things through. I have a question for those of my audience in Australia (and since that is none of you, this question applies everyone!). Are you willing to support government in efforts to steal your children or your neighbor’s children? Well, if you are paying taxes than you obviously support it. Put your money where your heart is… (By the way, the remote that the baby is holding in the picture is perfect. I have had that remote for years, and it is the most durable universal remote in existence! That kid has great parents!) National Liz Cheney Conservative Group Attacks Obama Foreignn Policy . I used to consider myself a conservative so I fell into this trap as well. How can someone start a group based around foreign wars!? Read the damn constitution (not that I am in favor of the constitution)! We have no reason to be in Iraq OR Afghanistan or the other 150 plus countries. If someone really wants to protect America DISBAND THE MILITARY!!! All that it takes to plan a terrorist attack is people! Stop them in this country! There are plenty of terrorist cells found in the U.S. and the city block isn’t decimated by bunker busters with a “shock and awe” style of mass murder from a plane broadcasted live in CNN; it is done with a police arrest. If you want to go to war with somebody, YOU get the money, the equipment, and soldiers. Again, I ask everyone, would you go bomb a neighborhood because their MAY be a terrorist there? Do you support killing innocent men and children while attempting to kill a terrorist? Do you think that foreigners to America have less life value than your neighbors? Well, if you are a tax payer, this is what you support! My Choice Pot Smoked in Public Daily by More Than 100 Participants: No Arrests . I was so happy when I heard about this. I listen the Free Talk Live program on a regular basis, and I have been following this story. I do not think that it should be a newsworthy feat to smoke a plant and not be arrested, but in this crazy and backwards nation, it is. Way to go guys! I would love to see cannabis celebrations taking place across the nation. The jails are full of innocent men and women who were putting something into their own bodies and were arrested for it. This insane prohibition needs to end! Good job Rich Paul Parting Words… . Thank you guys so much for the support. I have had visitors from the U.S. Canada, Brazil, Peru, and even Iran! If you would like to advertise, promote, or just trade links, hit me up on Facebook or contact me at joshuafreedom@live.com . Any money donated or made from ads will be used to promote the website in one way or another. None of it goes into my pocket. Be the first “Friend of Joshua Freedom” and have your link on the side of the front page.
Hope everyone has a great night! Thanks again to all my Facebook friends! I will see you there! Next post hopefully on Thursday


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