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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cop Admits Pulling Gun on Crowd with Snowballs!!!

Off duty jackass cop Detective Baylor admitted to pulling out his firearm today. Why? "Because I got hit with snowballs!" exclaimed the public servant to a crowd demanding to know who he was and why he brought a gun to a frozen condensation fight. Apparently he was correct in pulling out his weapon though. According some other asshole, George Kusik, he conducted himself appropriately! But the incident is under investigation. I am so glad that cops are there to protect and to serve me. They took a vow to protect the public and lay down their life if necessary to protect their community. Yup, that apparently means pulling a gun to protect themselves from snowballs. Luckily no one was hurt physically by the out of shape and over protective of self cop. Good for the students (I assume) in this situations. They called and reported an armed man. This is a great tactic. If they had reported a plain clothed "peace office" brandishing a weapon, god knows what would have happened. It would have been back up that showed up, not an officer responding to a possible gun crime. I hope that Detective Baylor, whom I will post contact information of as soon as it becomes available, sees the cage that he most likely has put many people in for lesser crimes than this. But...I doubt it. Just wait for that thin blue line of not so thin, badge wearing, gun brandishing thugs to close in around their fellow gangster. I will be following this story closely and reporting. Have a good remainder of your weekend! And remember, dont throw snow at a cop, or you may never throw snow again! Joshua Freedom source nbc.com


Harry L. Hughes III said...

The days of the friendly sheriff Andy and deputy Fife are long gone. With little old ladies and small children finding themselves laying face down on the ground after being zapped with tazers, it won't be long before there are sumary executions for sumary offenses.

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