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Monday, December 14, 2009

We are Living Under Anarchy (and thats the only reason I am not an Anarchist)

The American public was shown last night once again that Americans are now living under anarchy. Now, many of you know that Joshua Freedom does not believe in non-voluntary government, which means a free society in essence, but even for big Ds and Rs out there, I think you SHOULD finally realize it too. Whew, yea I do feel that on my back. What is it, oh look, the burden of proof is on me. Okay, time for me to prove to everyone that this system is broken. When I say that the system is broke, I do not mean broke as in Although it is financially broke, it is also broken from the stand point of the Constitution. George Bush's infractions on the constitution are WELL noted and I really do not need to go much into them. I mean, going to war without consent of congress, domestic surveillance, and a little thing called the Patriot Act pretty much make him a bad president. Now I got people mad because "I liked Bush, he was a good president". And to that I respond, "Hey man, this is America! We live under a constitution. Love it or leave it!" And it usually leads to this: but it is absolutly true! You cant deny it, well, someone who is uneducated on America may deny it, but that's just a moron running their mouth :) And Obama, where to begin. Obviously he is a worse president than Bush in the eyes of a majority of the American slaves, er, citizens due to the fact that his approval ratings are dropping through the floor. He has left his campaign promises in the dust and gone on to be a normal politician. "Well, we can save this!" shout so many people. "Look at Palin, or Ron Paul, or Joe Shmoe, or Cindy Who." Go right ahead. Elect whomever YOU think will not make you happy, but uphold the constitution. See how far you get. And once that person is in office, see how many times they break the constitution. From day one, I assure you that they will keep a standing army AND dabble in world affairs. Both of which would make them illegitimate from a constitutional stand point. For those of you who are seeing this idiotic rat race from the outside and choosing not to contribute financially, physically, or ideologically to the broken system that was once America, Throw back another drink and wait for the feds to crack down on you for whatever in the name of the American people who put them in charge. To those of you who are still working in the system I IMPLORE you to look at your ways! Look at how your system is funded! Taxes, foriegn wars, the illegal drug war, and taxes. In essence, VIOLENCE!!! What happens if you dont pay your taxes, put something outlawed into your body, or dare stand up to the US military when invading a foreign country: THIS In a real society, the perpetrators of such evils would be held responsible. But we live under an evil anarchist regime. Its time for a regime change. It time to take the country. Its time to stop supporting evil. Its time. Now.


Duane Vick said...

Very good blog. Our government is not in control, so perhaps anarchy is an accurate description. We have at best, a puppet government. Our government is under the direction of those who hold the money. I'll be pointing this out in my own blog. Just remember the golden rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules. Learn more at my blog, http://www.reachingournadir.blogspot.com

Joshua Freedom said...

Yea, that is the rule, and I follow your blog. Very good stuff

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