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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow, its been a week

Well, almost. I have neglected this site for a bit. I am working out of town and haven't had too much time. I need to make money to make money, so that's my priority right now. I just want to say that I tuned out of the news for about 3 days, and now I am playing catch up. I only thought Tiger had one girlfriend, man I missed a lot. I am not tuning out like that again Just in case something happens that I cant get only here, I hope that everyone has a happy holiday season! (I say holidays because it covers all of the holidays, not just Christmas like merry Christmas does. It is not because I am worried about offending.) Anyways, here is a story that I found interesting. Lawmakers Waste More Time Wow, way to show that you have nothing better to do. I hope that you all go home for Christmas break and never come back. That would be nice. Or maybe we could do a lockout at congress. Hmm...


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