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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monday monday

Well, I guess in a few hours it will be Monday. That sucks. News broke on friday, the CDC release this report. Also Barack is an asshole sending 30000 of our friends and family across seas to die for political reasons. Thanks dick. I hope we can do something about this. lets stop paying taxes, stop being "polite" to murderous bastard politicians, and stop allowing them to rule our lives! And where is the soldier who is willing to uphold their oath to protect the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic by taking Barack out out of power!? WHERE!? IS THERE NOT ONE?! And by the way, CNN thinks that being black in america is more important than reporting on news. Yea, fuck you All this racial stuff is because YOU MAKE IT AN ISSUE! STOP DIVIDING US! STOP! Yea, thanks for covering important stuff CNN; I know i can always count on you to push my blood pressure closer and closer to that heart attack point. I have no hope.


Anonymous said...

I have hope.

JoshuaFreedom said...

What is your hope, I would like it. I guess I do to a point

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