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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Military Spending is Unnecessary

Many "fiscal" conservatives fight tooth and nail for military spending. Many of these same people also yell about taxes being too high. Currently, it is estimated that 29.2% of the United State's federal budget is dedicated to military spending. If someone is lucky enough to make $50,000 a year and is living in America, and 40% of that is confiscated by your masters for taxes, you, as a tax paying American would be paying roughly $6000 a year to the military. Take that and shove it in your fiscally responsible pie hole! But Josh, without the military some foreign army would come over hear and kill us all or enslave us more than we already are! Probably not. The U.S. has the greatest, most efficient military in the world, right? So why is it they are STILL fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? And as far as national security, 9/11 happened, didnt it? And it was by people who came here by legal means! Feel like your getting your money's worth? How about we do it like is stated in the constitution. No standing armies. Jury is still out with me on the navy. I know I just lost some fans. Good day, and happy thanksgiving.


madness1119 said...

Perhaps you lost some but gained one here, couldn't agree more, and yes the ones behind 9/11 were here legally but I still don't think they were the ones we have been told they were...

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